Jesse Tennant, master carpenter and owner of The Custom Joiner Inc., began his love for woodwork in the majestic mountains of Colorado in the late 1990′s. He honed his skill on beautiful Aspen wood bedsĀ and rustic furniture. Most of the wood Jesse used for the furniture came from trees and logs he milled himself at his shop. A process in which he continues to this day.

The deep passion Jesse has for the craft, naturally progressed to fine woodworking and brought him to the rolling hills of Warwick, NY, nestled in the heart of the Appalachians. Jesse established The Custom Joiner Inc., in 2005 and has continued to mature his skill and deliver high quality woodwork to the tri-state area. Demand for his craftsmanship has brought him as Far as Florida and New Hampshire and he is always willing to travel to satisfy his customers.

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